"If you believe in yourself, your company, your product or your cause, anything is possible."

Christine Clifford

Christine Clifford, CSP
CEO/President, Christine Clifford Enterprises
P.O. Box 24747
Edina, MN 55424-0747

Email: christine@christineclifford.com

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Testimonials for Christine Clifford, CSP

“Christine, I really want to thank you attending our Club Siemens event in November. Your presentation was very well received by our customers, and many of them have since commented to me on how many great ideas they took away from our event based on your presentation. The advice that you offered was very consistent with the marketing initiatives we have been deploying with our Club Siemens members over the past few months. Thanks again for taking time out of your Thanksgiving weekend to spend with us.”

--Jeff Malpass
President & CEO 
Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc.


“You spoke to our Siemens Canadian Sales group recently as well as our top 50 customers. I wanted to say thanks for a very well done and thought provoking session. Many of my client attendees went out of their way to comment on how valuable they felt it was to them (and their businesses). I went out and purchased your book YOU, Inc. and will be giving it to all my customers. I can’t wait to dig in to it! Thanks again!”

                                                            --Mike Enns
Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc.
Ontario, Canada

“I have to admit, I was a little nervous about Christine’s placement in our agenda for the Girl Scouts USA conference. The last speaker on the last day! But one only had to be in the room with her for the first five minutes to know that the audience was captivated. She was undoubtedly the conference “hit”, and the best speaker we had all week. Thanks again for your advance preparation and your spot-on presentation about selling our services. We look forward to many opportunities to work together again.”

--Denise Mitchell, Senior Director of
Sales & Marketing
Little Brownie Bakers

“The feedback from Christine’s event was incredible! We stressed throughout the week the concepts of Pride, Passion, and Performance. Her speech hit on each and her style created a great atmosphere where learning was facilitated by laughing! I found her to be not only focused on meeting our needs, but also willing to go beyond the norm to understand who we are and what we’re about. Our paths will cross again!

-- Garrett Bates, Manager
Sales Force Effectiveness & Customer Loyalty
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, a Johnson & Johnson Company

The discussions among the group indicate that this was one of, if not THE best presentation we have ever had!”

--Steve Kaminsen Program Chairperson
Professional Sales Association

“I recently attended the Professional Club Marketing Association’s national strategic conference. Through many years of attending conferences, seminars and presentations targeting marketing and salespersons, I had become a bit jaded. I love selling and marketing, but felt most speakers simply took the same basic thoughts and put their spin on it. Not so with Christine Clifford. I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!!

With sharing her personal experiences and insight, it totally invigorated all who attended her two presentations. Every topic she covered had the audience captivated. I was literally enthralled and had wished she was booked for the entire day. I highly recommend Christine to others looking for a program that inspires people to reach their potential.”

Angela Wilson
Director of Marketing & Membership
Hawk Pointe Golf Club

“Christine Clifford swooped in like a Texas tornado and turned our business upside down! She was just the motivation we needed to help us make changes, implement them and see them through to fruition. I cannot say enough about how she has affected my life. She will do the same thing for your company.”

Larry Gatlin
Grammy-Award Winning Singer,
Songwriter, Businessman

“Thank you for being a part of our Marketing Masters Academy. The insight for professional marketing that you brought to the program added a much needed dimension. I appreciate all the hard work and preparation that you put in to learning about our industry and the needs of our members. Christine, you do an extraordinary job of helping business owners see the possibilities that exist. Thank you for all your help.”

Sheri Benefeld
Training Specialist
Nexstar, Inc.

“Thanks a million for a fantastic presentation. Your thought-provoking and practical message on professional persuasion resonated with our group. We have received tremendous feedback on your program. It was a joy to work with you!”

Kathie Pugaczewski, CAE Marketing & Education Director
Midwest Society of Association Executives

“Your expertise in marketing was especially appreciated by our organization since it is the most important and difficult phase in the invention process for inventors to grasp. Based on the response from the group, Spinning Ideas into Action definitely rates as the highlight of our year.”

Bill Baker, Advisor
Inventors Network

“Your development of ‘Spinning Ideas Into Action” was such an inspirational program touching on your business experiences, your personal experiences and how that has propelled you to success. It was just what we were looking for from this program. I just wish we could have had you speak for another hour! We highly recommend you to others looking for a program that inspires people to reach for their potential.”

Chantel Dunham
Director of Development
Women in Business Council

“Our membership is very interested in keeping aware of issues facing women in the workplace as well as in their daily lives. Your message touches everyone as the show of hands during your talk proved. Your thoughts and upbeat attitude were very moving and led to a lot of good feedback following your program. On behalf of our entire membership, I’d like to say thanks again for being such a key piece of WILL’s celebration.”

Sue K. Budd, President
WILL (Women in Leadership at Lucent)
Lucent Technologies

“Thank you so much for presenting at our Sales Kick Off. I have received excellent feedback on your presentations. Many of the attendees went out of their way to tell me how much they enjoyed listening and learning from you.”

Terry Niles, President
GAGE Marketing Services

“Thank you for partnering with 3M to educate our employees on the very important topic of resiliency. That is a message that we feel very strongly about at 3M and feel it is necessary to equip our employees with the tools for responding to challenges and change. Kudos for the wonderful work you are doing. I would welcome the opportunity to partner with you again!”

Jamie Langlois
Work/Family Coordinator, 3M

“I wanted to let you know that I used one of your recommendations and… it worked! I am in sales, so the first call I made after your program, I did like you said… asked for a referral. I am now in touch with a 60 store chain on the east coast that is interested in our product. You are on a great journey. I’m glad our paths have crossed.”

Barbara Valencour, Vice President
West 7th Street Distributing, Inc.

“Thank you for presenting your co-branding and pricing strategies. You are a gifted entrepreneur with sharp instincts.”

Sue Rusch, President
Direct Sales Resources, Inc.

“Christine’s ability to look at a product, within any industry, and find a better way to sell or market that product is extraordinary. I recommend that every corporation or association spend an hour or two, minimum, with Christine.”

Chuck Smith President
Chuck Smith & Assoc. and retired Senior Merchandise Manager

Thank you so much for your interesting and inspiring presentation "Marketing with a Message". We are always looking for good information we can apply to our careers in the business. Your presentation, however, additionally was supported by outstanding and meaningful life experience that makes the material real and useful.It's great to see and hear speakers who actually practice what they talk about. You certainly "walk the talk".Second, I have attached a summary of the evaluations we received following your presentation this morning. I'd say, "Yee-haw!"

Grant Richardson, President
Sales and Marketing Executives of Fargo-Morehead